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Break Free Gun Cleaning Products for sale at Allsport Performance Inc. Hemron, Maine. See our great selection of firearm cleaning supplies at low prices. We have a cleaning kit that will fit your rifle, shotgun, pistol, or revolver and fit your budget. Come see us at our retail store. When you arrive you will be greeted by the owner that will help you find the right cleaning supplies to fit your needs. We stock many brands and styles of cleaning accessories but if you don't see what you are looking feel free to contact us about ordering. We have been serving the Bangor area and beyond since 1997. As a licensed dealer we buy, sell, and trade all types of firearms. We give fair trade values and offer fair prices for your individual guns or estate collections. I think you will find that we are one of the best gun shops in Maine.

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BreakFree, CLP Aerosol, 12 oz, Cleaner/Lubricant/Preservative

    CLP cleans firing residue and contaminants from the bore, moving parts and exterior of firearms while reducing friction and protecting from corrosion
    Performs in temperatures ranging from -65 F to +475 F, and after saltwater immersion
    Reduces metal-to-metal wear by protecting treated surfaces with an advanced boundary film
    Does not deteriorate under high temperatures and extreme pressure
    Protects metals with special rust inhibitors

Product Description

Break Free CLP is the gold standard solution requiring only one step to clean, lubricate and protect your firearm. More than a superior lubricant, CLP cleans firing residue and other contaminates from the bore, moving parts, and exterior of firearms while simultaneously reducing friction and protecting from corrosion. The CLP formula does not deteriorate under high temperatures or extreme pressure. Manufactured from the highest-quality polymerized synthetic oils, plus special, friction-reducing, anti-wear additives, Break Free CLP is the ideal all-in-one formula to service and preserve your firearm.

UPC    088592001124     
Manufacturer    BreakFree
Manufacturer Part #    CLP-12-1     
Model    CLP Aero
Type    Aerosol     
Size    12oz
Description    Cleaner/Lubricant/Preservative     
Packaging    Aerosol Can
Subcategory    Solvents & Lubricants


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