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20 Gauge Ammunition for sale in Maine. Allsport Performance Inc. Gun Store Hermon, Maine See our great selection of ammo at low prices. We have many types, calibers, and gauges of ammunition in stock.  We have discounted clean factory ammunition that is not listed here. It is for sale in our shop. Come see us at our retail store. When you arrive you will be greeted by the owner that will help you find the right ammo to fit your needs. Whether it is for hunting, personal protection, or shooting at the range we can help you. We stock many brands and types of ammunition but if you don't see the make or type you are looking feel free to contact us about ordering. We have been serving the Bangor area and beyond since 1997. As a licensed dealer we buy, sell, and trade all types of firearms. We give fair trade values and offer fair prices for your individual guns or estate collections. Why go to Old Town, Lincoln, Holden, Ellsworth, Fairfield, Palmyra or other shops in Maine when you wont find a better price or selection. I think you will find that we are one of the best gun shops in Maine.

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The Browning BXD Upland Extra Distance launches premium nickel plated lead shot downrange at high velocities to achieve fantastic performance in the field. Nickel plated shot reduces deformation and helps to keep the shot round allowing it to reach high velocity and maintain tighter patterns. This means better energy transfer on targets further downrange and that means more birds in the bag! Fill your freezer and your dinner table with Browning ammunition.

Browning Ammunition B193512036
20 Gauge
3" Shell
#6 Shot
1-1/4 Ounces
1250 fps
High Velocity Nickel Plated Lead Shot

Federal, Game Load, 20 Gauge, 2.75", #8, 2.5 Dram, .875oz, Shotshell, 25 Round Box


    20 Gauge
    1,210 Feet per second
    #8 Shot
    25 Rounds per box
    2-3/4 Inch shotshell

Product Description

Woods or fields. Fur or feathers. Federal(R) Game-Shok(R) Upland loads have you covered. They are carefully crafted and packed with features that provide reliable, effective performance on a variety of upland game.

UPC    029465072889     
Manufacturer    Federal
Manufacturer Part #    H2008     
Model    Game Load
Caliber    20 Gauge 2.75"     
Grain Weight    #8
Dram    2 1/2 Dram     
Ounce of Shot    .875oz
Type    Shotshell     
Units per Box    25


Federal, PowerShok, 20 Gauge, 2.75", .75oz., Rifled Hollow Point Slug, 5 Round Box

    20 Gauge
    1,600 Feet per second
    328 Grain rifled hollow point slug
    5 Rounds per box
    2-3/4 Inch shotshell

Product Description

Federal(R) PowerShok(R) slugs offer affordable rifled slug options. These loads provide accuracy and power at a bargain price.

UPC    029465009953     
Manufacturer    Federal
Manufacturer Part #    F203RS     
Model    PowerShok
Caliber    20 Gauge 2.75"     
Ounce of Shot    3/4 oz     
Type    Rifled Slug
Description    Hollow Point     
Units per Box    5    
Subcategory    Shot Shell Ammunition

TRUBALL If you hunt with a smoothbore shotgun barrel you're not planning to take very long shotsbut don't let that shake your confidence if you have a buck hung up at 75-yards. The TruBall Rifled Slug uses a simple plastic ball between the wad and slug to force extremely accurate results. Upgrade your smoothbore without changing barrels.

With the vast majority of slug hunters using traditional smoothbore rifled slugs, we set out to make the smoothbore slug more effective for the standard slug slinger. The TruBall rifled slug system is the result, and the most consistent group-to-group smoothbore slug on the market. With a simple ball that centers the slug in the barrel, we've reinvented and redefined smoothbore slug technology and expectations. See for yourself with 2" groups at 50-yards.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: PB209RS
Caliber: 20 Gauge
Bullet Type: Hollow Point Rifled Slug
Length of Shell: 3"
Slug Weight: 3/4 Ounce
Rounds: Five per box
Velocity at muzzle: 1700 fps
Energy at muzzle: 2104 ft/lbs
Designed for use in smoothbore barrels
Uses: Deer, Medium Game

Remington, AccuTip, 20 Gauge 2.75", 260 Grain, Sabot Slug, 5 Round Box

    .58 Caliber Tipped Sabot Slug
    For Rifled Barrels Only

Product Description

It doesn't just look intimidating, it's flattening whitetails and competitors in the tipped-slug market with devastating ferocity. Guided by Remington's new Power Port Tip, AccuTip Sabot Slugs deliver a degree of accuracy and terminal performance unmatched by any other they tested. This masterpiece of aerodynamics consistently prints tiny 100-yard groups and transfers tremendous knockdown force to the farthest reaches of shotgun range. It's the largest tipped slug you'll find anywhere. In field testing, these huge .58-caliber slugs produced gaping wound channels and crumpled every deer it touched with a single shot. From 5 to 200 yards, it yields perfect mushrooms and over 95% weight retention thanks to its spiral nose cuts and high-strength cartridge brass jacket. Designed for rifled barrels only. Available in 23/4" or 3" 12-gauge and 20-gauge versions.

UPC    047700506906     
Manufacturer    Remington
Manufacturer Part #    20496     
Model    AccuTip
Caliber    20 Gauge 2.75"     
Grain Weight    260Gr
Type    Sabot Slug     
Units per Box    5
Subcategory    Shot Shell Ammunition

Remington Express Buckshot is what you need for your next hunt. This 20 gauge shell is 2-3/4" in length and sends #3 buckshot down range at 1200 fps. These shells come in a 5 round box. Remington's buckshot lets you shoot with the confidence once possible only with a rifle.

20 Gauge
2-3/4" Shell
#3 Buck
20 Pellets
1200 fps
5 Rounds Per Box
Uses: Hunting

Remington, Game Load, 20 Gauge, 2.75", #6, 3.25 Dr, 7/8 oz., 25 Round Box

    Lead Shot
    25-Round Box
    Made in the USA

Product Description

No matter your pursuit, Upland Game Loads level the equation with bird-stopping surety. Available in 12, 16 and 20 gauge, and .410 bore, and lead shot size options ranging from BB's all the way down to #9 - it's suitable for everything from quail to farm predators.

UPC    047700040202     
Manufacturer    Remington
Manufacturer Part #    20040     
Model    Game Load
Caliber    20 Gauge 2.75"     
Grain Weight    #6
Dram    2 1/2 Dram     
Ounce of Shot    7/8 oz.
Type    Shotshell     
Units per Box    25
Units per Case    250
Subcategory    Shot Shell Ammunition

20 Gauge, Remington Nitro Turkey Buffered Load, 3", #5 Lead Shot, 1 1/4 Ounce, 10 Round Box.

Remington Nitro Turkey loads contain our Nitro Mag extra hard lead shot. Our unique manufacturing process yields shot that is as hard and round as copper plated shot. In fact, Nitro Turkey Magnums will pattern as well as other copper plated, buffered loads without the higher cost.

Utilizing a specially blended powder recipe and Remingtons advanced Power Piston one piece wad, Remingtons Nitro Turkey Load delivers a full 1 7/8 oz. payload at 1210 fps while delivering 80% pattern densities with outstanding knockdown power at effective ranges.

Non-returnable item.
Muzzle velocity: 1185 fps.
Max Dram equivalent load.
Uses: Turkey.


-20 gauge
-2 per package
-Snap Caps protect your firearms by relieving the stress on your firing pins & firing pin springs
-When you safely store your unloaded gun, put a snap cap in the chamber & fire your gun to
 allow the firing pin to lay at rest
-This helps prevent firing pins from breaking in the future
-Snap Caps are also a great tool to practice dry firing your guns to teach safe gun handling,
 improve your shooting skills & tune your trigger

Winchester Ammunition, Super-X, 20 Gauge, 2.75" Chamber #6, 2 3/4 Dram, 1 oz., Shotshell, 25 Round Box

    20 Gauge
    1,220 Feet per second
    2-3/4 Inch
    1 Ounce #6 shot
    25 Rounds per box

Product Description

Since 1922, Super-X ammunition has provided exceptional quality and outstanding performance for all types of hunters and shooters who rely on its time-proven dependability backed by legendary excellence.

UPC    020892000223     
Manufacturer    Winchester Ammunition
Manufacturer Part #    X206     
Model    Super-X
Caliber    20 Gauge 2.75"     
Grain Weight    #6
Dram    2 3/4 Dram     
Ounce of Shot    1 oz
Type    Shotshell     
Units per Box    25    
Subcategory    Shot Shell Ammunition

For maximum performance in the field or woods, you can depend on the performance of Winchester Super-X Game and Field Loads.

Use for hunting upland bird such as pheasant, quil, chukar, dove, and woodcock and for hunting small game such as squirrel and rabbit.

Winchester Super-X Game Loads are designed for consistent dependable performance. Built with the famous 209 primer and clean burning powder you will notice reliable ignition and consistent velocity from shot to shot. The one piece hinged wad allows for repeatable tight patterns and reduced felt recoil. Super-X will give you long range performance and excellent knockdown on tough upland birds. This load can also be used to harvest small game.

20 Gauge
#6 Lead Shot
7/8 Ounce Shot
2-1/2 Powder Dram Equivalent
1210 fps Muzzle Velocity
Uses: Upland Bird and Small Game

For superior Buckshot performance, you can't beat the stopping power of Winchester Buckshot loads.

Use for hunting predators such as coyote, fox, and bobcat. Also good to use for home defense.

5 rounds


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