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AR and AK Grips & Handles for sale Allsport Performance Inc Hermon, Maine See our great selection of AR and AK accessories at low prices. We have many options in stock. Come see us at our retail store. When you arrive you will be greeted by the owner that will help you find the right accessory to fit your needs. Whether it is for hunting, home or personal protection, or shooting at the range we can help you. We stock many brands of accessories but if you don't see the make or model you are looking feel free to contact us about ordering. We have been serving the Bangor area and beyond since 1997. As a licensed dealer we buy, sell, and trade all types of firearms. We give fair trade values and offer fair prices for your individual guns or estate collections. I think you will find that we are one of the best gun shops in Maine.

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B5 Systems, P-Grip, Black

    The most natural grip for taking a squared-off stance
    Constructed of durable composite
    Drop-in upgrade

Product Description

The B5 Systems Type 23 P-Grip is the most natural grip for taking a squared-off stance. Your hand will naturally find its optimal position thanks to its steep angle, extended tang, and palm-filling design. By ensuring proper trigger finger placement, this grip has been shown to improve shooting speed while correcting for any tendency to drift into a ,chicken-wing, arm placement. The grip's no-slip texture was carefully engineered for hand comfort.

UPC    814927020450     
Manufacturer    B5 Systems
Manufacturer Part #    PGR-1122     
Model    P-Grip
Type    Grip     
Color    Black
Subcategory    Grips

UTG Ambidextrous 5-position Foldable Foregrip Black

• 5 Adjustable Foregrip Positions
• Ergonomic Finger Grooves for Most Comfortable Grip
• Clever End Cap Conceals Battery Storage and Controls Grip Mounting
• Practical Side Slides Allow for Ambi Use of Pressure Pad
• Simple Slide-on Mounting Deck for Most Solid Installation

Mission First Tactical, Magwell Grip, Picatinny Mounted, Black

    Black finish
    Designed for M16/M4/AR15/HK416
    Secure watertight storage compartment
    Will not interfere with magazine

Product Description

The React Magwell Grip is a compact textured vertical grip designed for close handhold application at the low ready or CQB situations. Locates support hand forward of the magazine well to prevent injury if an overcharged round causes the ejection of the magazine. Right and left handed pressure pad wells for wired switches and spare battery storage compartment. Allows the support hand to apply rearward pressure keeping the weapon shouldered" yielding better muzzle control and accuracy.

Strike Industries, Link Anchor Handstop, Black, Fits MLOK and Keymod

    Aggressive ergonomic grip with ridges to enhance dexterity
    Low profile, light weight, heat resistant design
    Multi-directional attachment capabilities

Product Description

The LINK Anchor Handstop is made from a heat resistant polymer that allows comfortable grip in any shooting condition. It has a low profile design that allows mounting through any MLOK or KeyMod openings. The unique tooth design allows the handstop to be reversible, giving the option for either a "push" or "pull" style grip. With the added ridges on the surface, the LINK Anchor provides unmatched dexterity from your palm to the fingertips. A true lightweight modification that is not only comfortable, has an aggressive look, and will improve accuracy over time by a stabilizing your grip.

UPC    793811763232     
Manufacturer    Strike Industries
Manufacturer Part #    SI-LINK-ANCHOR-BK     
Model    Link Anchor Handstop
Type    Hand Stop     
Color    Black
Fit    AR Rifles

Hogue AR-15 M-16 Overmolded Rubber Grip With Finger Grooves Black - Hogue rubber grips are molded from durable synthetic rubber that is neither spongy nor tacky yet provides a soft recoil absorbing feel, without affecting accuracy. This modern rubber requires a completely different molding process than ordinary neoprene, which results in a superior grip. The flexibility of our materials and molding process has allowed us to produce rubber grips with features that outperform all other makes.

Magpul AFG-2 Angled Fore Grip Black - The AFG-2 is a slim line design that is shorter in overall length and width compared to the original AFG. Smaller size allows for mounting on a wider variety of railed hand guards and better compatibility with rail covers and accessory mounts. Compatible with most any M1913 Picatinny-railed hand guard, the Magpul AFG-2 (Angled Fore Grip) takes into account natural body mechanics and provides a comfortable and stable user interface that reduces fatigue and allows for more precise weapon control.

By positioning the shooter's hand high on the centerline of the bore, unlike conventional vertical fore grips, the AFG-2 helps mitigate recoil and control the weapon to facilitate faster, more accurate follow-up shots.

Made in U.S.A.



  • Polymer three-piece design with an interchangeable finger shelf that allows for a flat "A1-style" surface or an "A2-style" finger nub
  • Mounts to MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny and NATO STANAG 4694 rails (min. of ~3" recommended)
  • All mounting hardware included


  • AFG-2 - Angled Fore Grip
    • Weight: 2.53 oz.
    • Length: 4.70 in.
    • Height, over rail: 1.94 in.
    • Width, maximum: 1.37 in.

Daniel Defense, Pistol Grip, Fits AR Rifles, Black

    Soft Touch Rubber Overmolding
    Ergonomic" durable and lightweight
    4.25" tall" 2" wide and 1.38" thick

Product Description

Daniel Defense's Pistol Grip is designed with ergonomics and controllability in mind. It shares the angle of the classic 1911 pistol for the most natural hand position and comfortable feel. This pistol grip incorporates an oversized trigger guard covering the gap between grip and lower receiver which can wear on the shooters hand and easily accommodates for gloves. Installation is simplified by the fact the integral trigger guard doesn't require a roll pin so there is a reduced chance of damaging the lower receiver. A soft touch overmolding section enhances grip, wet or dry.

UPC    815604016063     
Manufacturer    Daniel Defense
Manufacturer Part #    21-071-05177-006     
Type    Grip
Color    Black     Description    
Pistol Grip
Fit    AR Rifles     
Subcategory    Grips

Sig Sauer, Tread Vertical Forward Grip Kit, M-Lok, Black Finish

    Black finish
    Kit includes-vertical grip" barricade stop" handstop" long & short M-LOK rail sections
    M-LOK connectors and mounting hardware included

Product Description

The Tread M-LOK vertical forward grip kit is the factory replacement kit for the M400 Tread.

UPC    798681598847     
Manufacturer    Sig Sauer
Manufacturer Part #    KIT-TRD-GRIP-FORWARD-BLK     
Model    Thread
Type    Vertical Foregrip     
Color    Black
Description    MLOK     
Fit    AR Rifles

Everything you want and need is in this ultimate grip. Featuring a refined grip angle, The Troy Control Grip sets your hand close to the receiver, leading your arm and shoulder into a proper shooting position. The aggressive scale pattern keeps the shooter’s hand in place while the locking door creates a convenient storage compartment. Fitting all M4, M16/AR15 and FN SCAR rifles with the superior strength of rugged military-grade polymer, the Troy Control Grip is the perfect solution for Close Quarters Battle.

Bravo Company, BCMGUNFIGHTER, Vertical Grip, Mod 3, Black, MLOK Compatible

    M-LOK compatible
    Low-profile length
    A lightweight design at 1.9 ounces

Product Description

Bravo Company's BCM Gunfighter's Vertical Grip MOD 3 is M-Lok compatible. It has a low-profile length for increased mobility and decreases "snag" factor. The forward angle increases the rigidity of the forearm while providing a more natural wrist angle. It can be mounted in reverse angle to increase your control when grabbing the handguard and grip. The flat sides with aggressive texture give better yaw control to the shooter during firing and non-firing manipulations. It is manufactured from high quality" impact resistant polymers. Made in the USA.

UPC    812526021595     
Manufacturer    Bravo Company
Manufacturer Part #    BCM-VG-MCMR-MOD-3-BLK     
Model    Vertical Grip
Model    BCM Gunfighter     
Model    Vertical Forend Grip
Type    Grip     
Color    Black
Fit    MLOK Compatible

Leapers, Inc. - UTG, New Generation Combat Foregrip, with Concealed Compartment, Symmetric Contour, Contoured Finger Grooves, Picatinny, Black Finish

    Black finish
    Symmetrically Shaped Palm Swell
    High Tech Texture
    Slip-resistant Finish
    Fits Picatinny
    Impact Resistant Advanced Polymer

Product Description

The Leapers UTG New Gen Combat Foregrip with Concealed Compartment has well contoured finger grooves for the most solid grip. With an ambidextrous design" fatigue-free thumb rest and trigger finger shelf" this weapon accessory will have you shooting with great comfort in all firing positions. This Leapers weapon accessory also has a concealed compartment for storage of the most needed accessories and parts such as bore snakes" batteries and tools such as an Allen wrench. The Leapers UTG Gen Combat Foregrip with Concealed Compartment is also molded from unbreakable" impact resistant advanced polymer.

UPC    4712274525672     
Manufacturer    Leapers, Inc. - UTG
Manufacturer Part #    RB-FGRP172B     
Model    Combat
Model    New Gen     
Type    Vertical Foregrip
Color    Black     
Accessories    w/ Storage Compartment
Description    Contoured Finger Grooves     
Fit    Picatinny
Subcategory    Grips

Mission First Tactical, Folding Picatinny Mounted Vertical Pistol Grip, Black

    Black finish
    Push button allows easy selection of position
    Secure watertight storage compartment
    Battery Sled
    Flat non-slip bottom surface

Product Description

A textured vertical grip that deploys in either a vertical or horizontal position and provides a positive grip surface. Allows the support hand to apply rearward pressure keeping the weapon shouldered" yielding better muzzle control and accuracy.

UPC    676315024903     
Manufacturer    Mission First Tactical
Manufacturer Part #    RFG     
Model    Folding
Model    React     
Type    Grip
Color    Black     
Description    Vertical Pistol Grip
Fit    Picatinny

Over a dozen configurations!

Modern handguard grips have come a long way. They enhance the shooters skills through better recoil management and ease of indexing repeatability for speed.  But one grip style may not be suited for everybody, and sometimes rail space is limited so just a hand-stop can fit. But what if you didn't have to settle for just onegrip style?

Introducing the Strike Industries Hand Stop Kit. Gone are the days of having to keep extra handstops, foregrips, and other grip accessories laying around. Including 3 sections that can work together or as standalone attachments, there are over half a dozen ways to configure the Link hand-stop kit for different shooting styles.The three sections are made from durable, reinforced, & heat-resistant polymer. Each section uses a single modified T-nut that has been tried and tested for superior lock-up. The HSK is directly mounted to either M-Lok slots or Keymod holes without the need for adapters in between, resulting in a highly ergonomic and secure lock-up.

Don’t compromise­–overcome, with the Link Handstop Kit.   


Package Includes:
- 3x LINK Hand stop kit pieces
- 3x LINK Screw and Nut

- Over 20 configurations!!!
- Direct mountable to both M-Lok and Keymod
- Lightweight, durable reinforced polymer
- Multiple ergonomic and functional grip options

Hogue AR-15 M-16 Overmolded Rubber Grip w/ Beavertail and Finger Grooves Black - Hogue rubber grips are molded from durable synthetic rubber that is neither spongy nor tacky yet provides a soft recoil absorbing feel, without affecting accuracy. This modern rubber requires a completely different molding process than ordinary neoprene, which results in a superior grip. The flexibility of our materials and molding process has allowed us to produce rubber grips with features that outperform all other makes.

RVG® - Rail Vertical Grip

Light weight, cost-effective vertical fore grip

Designed for use with 1913 Picatinny railed hand guards, the RVG is a basic, light weight, cost-effective vertical fore grip. Shape is ergonomically designed for use as a traditional vertical grip. It has also been optimized for use with the "thumb break method" of shooting.

Includes all mounting hardware plus a universal mounting rail for custom fitting to many factory plastic hand guards.

Made in the USA.


Don’t lose your grip when things get dirty. The Troy Modular Combat Grips offer versatility, unmatched durability and outstanding ergonomics in a grip that complements all Picatinny rail systems.


    Three part modular design.
    Waterproof high capacity storage compartment.

Technical Specifications:

    Grip converts easily into two sizes: 4 5/8” when completely assembled and 3 1/4” when in short mode.

Bravo Company, BCMGUNFIGHTER, Kinesthetic Angled Grip, Black, MLOK Compatible

    Slight angle without significant bulk adds just the right amount of relief to the wrist without substantially increasing the girth of the handguard

Product Description

Bravo Company's BCMGUNFIGHTER KAG-MCMR Kinesthetic Angled Grip" M-Lok compatible" is the end result of collaboration between BCM(R) and Travis Haley" founder of Haley Strategic Partners and inventor of multiple weapons manipulation enhancements in the firearms industry.
Designed to complement modern shooting grips" the Kinesthetic Angled Grip (KAG) uses a biomechanically efficient forward rake to create an interface for positive retention and joint relief to the wrist" elbow" and shoulder" allowing for smooth weapon manipulation without substantial increase to the girth of the weapon system. Textured on both front and back" the profile of the KAG creates a channel for consistent and positive engagement which translates directly into improved efficiency in weapons manipulation and target to target transitions. Forward rake gives positive retention when using "C-clamp" (thumb over bore) method of handguard support and works as a rest for supported firing positions.

UPC    812526021687     
Manufacturer    Bravo Company
Manufacturer Part #    BCM-KAG-MCMR-BLK     
Model    Kinesthetic Angled Grip
Type    Grip     
Color    Black
Description    Kinesthetic Angled Grip     
Fit    MLOK Compatible

Leapers, Inc. - UTG, Vertical Foregrip, Ergonomic Finger Grooves, Ambidextrous, Picatinny, Black Finish

    Black finish
    5" in length
    Finger grooves
    Picatinny mounting deck
    Storage compartment

Product Description

This UTG vertical foregrip has ergonomic finger grooves for a most comfortable grip. The practical side slide allows for ambidextrous use of the pressure pad insert and the clever end cap conceals the battery storage and controls grip mounting. It's picatinny mounting deck allows the foregrip to slide on and screw on tight.

UPC    4712274522503     
Manufacturer    Leapers, Inc. - UTG
Manufacturer Part #    RB-FGRP168B     
Model    Ergonomic
Type    Vertical Foregrip     
Color    Black
Accessories    w/ Storage Compartment     
Description    with pressure pad insert
Fit    Picatinny     
Subcategory    Grips

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