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Facebook account restricted Maine

Instead of trying to post daily on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, or Twitter I will be posting updates here more often. Why? Due to the fact that either Facebook or other platforms are flagging firearm and ammo related posts, possible competitors reporting our posts, or anti gun individuals or groups reporting our posts and causing us to be put in "Facebook Jail" for several days or a month. This blocks us from posting or restrics our post for the duration of the jail (restricted) time. This happens even though we have proof we are a license firearms dealer. Eventually the page will be removed from the platform if there are too many violations. They ignore the fact that most illegal activity happens in privates groups and messenger. Another issue is even though we have thousands of followers on Facebook only a few hundred actually see our posts in their news feed. Facebook, Instagram and others limit post from pages like ours. The only way for those 1000's of followers to see our posts would be to go to our Facebook page daily. Well since this is the case and appears as though there is no hope of any changes in the future we decided to use this method instead.

What will be posted here?
Updates on shipments, changes in hours (Google is the best place to look), price changes, policy changes, gun related news, or anything else that the owner feels is important. All without social media limiting our free speech.

This will not replace these pages:

Hours Page -
Guns, Ammo, and Reloading Coming Soon Page -
Guns Ammo, and Reloading Just Arrived Page - 


DATE PUBLISHED: 11/15/2022

Welcome to this new page.

Yesterday I removed restrictions from some ammo. See the AMMO home page for updates. I also lowered prices on some ammo and a few firearms. I am trying to be more competiative everyday. Did you know customers are coming here to by ammo instead of other shops? Not only are our firearms prices less than the competition our ammo and accessories are also. We are receiving lots of shipments this week so keep an eye on the coming soon and just arrived pages.

DATE PUBLISHED: 11/16/2022

Hope to get some fresh shipments in tomorrow and Friday. Drive safe!

DATE PUBLISHED: 11/17/2022

9:00am Waiting for shipments to arrive today. May try to process some items if time allows. Always dialing in prices to the lowest possible. Do you know the website changes daily including new products (firearms, ammo, and accessories) and price reductions. My guns and ammo prices are all less than most dealers in the area. Why do others not post their prices and have a website like mine? It's is hard to compete with Walmart and online but I try very hard. Shop local!

Hint: Use the search box on the website when you are at another shop and type in the mfg number on the item to see if we have it in stock and what the price is. Sometimes the number may use spaces or dashes so try searching with or without the spaces or dashes found on the product. UPS codes will not work. If no luck search under the categories.

9:20am Just lowered prices on more items can you figure out what?

DATE PUBLISHED: 11/18/2022

7:45am Processed some shipments yesterday. More coming today and next week. I had a customer come in and buy ammo he saw on my website. He was telling me one of my boxes of ammo was priced $3 less than an unnamed shop and another box was $5 less. I  hear daily that my guns are priced $30, $40, or more less than the competition. Another customer stated he paid another $14 dollars more for a Glock magazine at the competition. My accessories are priced less also. Everything is right on the website so you can see for yourself. Their sale prices are my regular prices. No I won't have any Black Friday deals. When you make 25-50 dollars on a firearm you don't have room for any deals. I have bills to pay so I just cannot do it. Others that have those deals expect you to come in and buy a bunch of over priced ammo and accessories.

DATE PUBLISHED: 11/19/2022

8:45am Didn't get anything in yesterday maybe some items might be delivered today if not I will be buried in shipments the first of the week. Fedex and possibly UPS will be starting Saturday deliveries soon. Open until Noon today.

DATE PUBLISHED: 11/21/2022

9:00AM Small shipment arrived already that I will be processing. I expect more to come today and tomorrow. Will only be closed Thanksgiving day this week.

DATE PUBLISHED: 11/22/2022

9:20AM Expect more shipments coming this week. Delays in shipping make them hard to predict.

DATE PUBLISHED: 11/23/2022

7:00AM Well I got a bunch of shipments late last night but nothing was for the shop. Shipping is taking forever this week. I hope something will arrive today.

Reloading powder starting to roll in soon. See the coming soon page.

Pray for the victims of the night club shooting and the Walmart shooting that just happened. The world is getting crazy. I expect a lot of gun control talk soon even though it is not the guns fault.

Happy Thanksgiving Maine Gun Dealer

DATE PUBLISHED: 11/25/2022

Open regular hours today and tomorrow. I hope to finally get some shipments today. Not sure if I will get to any of them during the day or before I open Saturday. Opening at 8am Saturday doesn't give me much time. Watch the coming soon and just arrived pages.

DATE PUBLISHED: 11/26/2022

Fedex tracking showed delivery of shipments Friday but never happened. Maybe this weekend if not I will be buried on Monday and may have to open late of Tuesday to process shipments. I was invoiced and I paid for most of these shipments two weeks ago and I still have not received them, This is really making things difficult. Keep checking the website for updates they might make a delivery this weekend. Hint: It is always best to show up before 10am on a Saturday.

DATE PUBLISHED: 11/28/2022

Well did not receive anything over the weekend so expect to be buried in shipments today. Look for a post tomorrow that I maybe opening late because of the amount of shipments I could POSSIBLY receive.

DATE PUBLISHED: 11/29/2022

8:00am Received a lot of shipments yesterday so I will be opening late. Have ammo, accessories, a few used guns (if I have time) and transfers to process, I did process a few firearms yesterday. Check Google for updated hours.

11:55am Open for business

DATE PUBLISHED: 11/30/2022

8:30AM - More shipments on the way. Regular hours today.

DATE PUBLISHED: 12/01/2022

7:50AM - Have power and just got our internet back. Still waiting on more shipments. I expect a lot coming Today through Monday. Will be processing a small shipment of powder coming Friday. Will have to reorganize shelving to make room for the powder over the weekend.

DATE PUBLISHED: 12/02/2022

9:00AM - Hope to get a shipment of powder today among other things.
1:00PM - Processing powder as time allows.

DATE PUBLISHED: 12/03/2022

8:00AM Open Until Noon today. It is a good idea to show up early on a Saturday. Yesterday I was overrun late in the day and I ended up closing 15 minutes early since I had plans and I knew the customers I had would keep me busy until 5:30pm and they did. I did not get out until 6pm. So please come a half hour before close.
I processed the powder yesterday and I have more coming. See the coming soon and just arrived pages. If you see a powder not already listed on the website in the powder section let me know. Anything already added to the website is on backorder.
I already had someone yestoday mention that he was VERY impressed with my pricing on powder. He went to an unnamed place in Holden and said their prices were crazy high. FYI I try to be as competative as possible on everything I stock.

Have a great day!


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