(During my busy season I may not be able to offer some services. (October - May) Firearms may have to be left here in order for work to be done.)
RIFLE BORESIGHTING : We will bring into proper parallel alignment (the bore and scope of a gun) by sighting on a distant point through the bore and adjusting the scope on that same point.
MOUNT SCOPE PURCHASED FROM US AND BORE SIGHTING - Service not offered at this time
BORE SIGHTING ONLY - (Scope mounted and ready for bore sighting) - Service not offered at this time
CUSTOMER SUPPLIED SCOPE MOUNTING AND BORE SIGHTING (Factory drilled and tapped rifle only. Labor only. You will be charged for any hardware not supplied) - $25.00 (We have a limited amount of rails and scope rings in stock but we plan to increase stock on those items) - Service not offered at this time

Glock sight installation Maine

GLOCK SIGHT INSTALLATION : We will install standard sights and night sights on all Glock firearms $15.00 (If you buy a new Glock from us or the night sights from us installation is free)

AR 15 AR15 Gunsmith Maine

AR15 PARTS AND ACCESSORY INSTALLATION : We install / replace butt stocks, buffer tubes, handguards, flash hiders, gas blocks, trigger guards, safety selectors, and more. We do not build or assemble AR rifles. We are not licensed to build firearms. Service not offered at this time

Gun Firearm Cleaning Services Maine

GUN CLEANING : Disassemble, clean, and inspect all internal and external parts. We will suggest any recommended repairs if needed. If the firearms is not working properly it may need to go to a gunsmith. (handguns and long guns only no muzzleloaders)

How it Works
Bring your gun(s) into our gun store any time you want them cleaned and we will clean them for you. Our goal will be to give the gun(s) an operational cleaning. So your gun(s) will be field stripped, cleaned thoroughly and lubricated. Be prepared to leave the gun(s) for a few days. We will contact you as soon as the job has been completed. Have an antique or vintage firearm that has rust on it? We can clean the firearm without effecting the value. Improper cleaning can ruin the value of any antique or vintage firearm. We may charge more for this service depending on how bad the firearm is.

Most handguns: ( Pistols - Revolvers ) - $25.00
Rifles: Coming Soon
Shotguns: Coming Soon
ATTN: Buy any NEW handgun from us and get 5 free cleanings

We are not a gunsmith so we do not repair guns. Suggested Maine gunsmiths posted below. If a gunsmith is not posted below we have had bad feedback about the gunsmith or we do not have any feedback about their work.

Of course I always recommend sending a fiream back to the manufacturer many have lifetime warranties but they do not specify it such as Ruger.

Dietrich Gunsmithy - Otis, Maine

Bill's Gun Shop Orrington, Maine


Here are are some quick things to check before sending your firearm back to the manufacturer or taking it to a gunsmith.

- Did you try different ammo? Not all ammo will function properly in semi auto handguns especially those that are in rimfire calibers. Try different grains and brands.
- Did you try different magazines? Sometimes you will get a defective magazine.
- Have you cleaned and lightly lubed the firearm?
- Limp wristing is a common problem. Hold your arms out stiff with a firm grip on the firearm when firing.  More the gun moves when firing the greater the chance of malfuction. You want the energy of firing to transfer into the action of the firearm not through your hands and arms. Don't hold a handgun loosely.
- Have you broken in the firearm? Shooting the firearm the recommended amount to break in the gun. Break in periods can be 200 rounds or more depending on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers will not look at the gun until the minumum amount of break in shots be fired through it.

We Purchase Buy Firearms Guns Maine Gusn Wanted Free Appraisals
FREE GUN APPRAISALS : Free verbal or written appraisals. We buy, sell, and trade firearms as well as do appraisals. Fred the owner with 30yrs of firearms experience as an appraiser will give you the most accurate appraisal possible on your firearm. Condition and originality are two very important concerns when doing appraisals. We look at all aspects to give you a correct current market value. We us recent online completed auction sales and current price guides.  Whether it is a antique, military ( civil war, wwi, wwii, Korean war, Vietnam war ), vintage, or new production firearm we can appraise them. Appointments may need to be made for multiple guns or large estate collections. If you are in Maine and want to sell a collection we can come to you. 
See our Free Firearm Appraisals page for more info.
Contact us at (207)848-4995,, message us through Facebook, or stop in our shop. 
Also see our Buy, Sell, and Trade Page  or  our Maine Gun Buyer Page for more information.

FIREARMS STORAGE: We do not offer this service

usps priority mail shipping frearms Maine

SHIPPING FIREARMS:  We do offer shipping of firearms to licensed dealers. We prefer to ship handguns but we will ship long guns as long as we have a box available to do so. Long guns are much more time consuming to package (reinforcing the barrel end so it does not break through the end of the box) and there is a lot to think of when packaging them. If you want to package them yourself but leave the box open so I can access the make, model, caliber, and serial number that is a possibility. The length, width, height, and weight of a package can dramatically effect the cost of shipping. 
- The cost to ship a handgun is $15.00 for each firearm plus $25.00 (each) for Priority shipping on a standard length handgun. Handguns must be shipped via a 2 or 3 day service. Handguns cannot be shipped via standard ground shipping. Insurance is about a $1.00 or $1.50 per $100 value. If you are shipping more that one handgun the shipping cost may change depending on several factors. If you have more than one handgun to ship it is always best to come in for a quote.
- The cost to ship a long gun is $25.00 per firearm (assuming I have the box to do so) plus $35.00 - $60.00 for standard ground shipping depending on the length, width, height, and weight of the package. Destination is also a consideration. Insurance is about a $1.00 or $1.50 per $100 value.  If you are shipping more that one long gun the cost may change depending on several factors. You can package the long guns up yourself but I need to be able to pull them out of the packaging in order to get information off the firearms.

We will only ship firearms to the lower 48 states. No shipping to Alaska or Hawaii. 
We do not ship ammunition, primers, or powder.
We must have a copy of your dealers license on file in order to ship a firearm to them. Firearms cannot be shipped to private party.



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