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20C/20 - Buffalo Bore 38spl 158gr LSWHP-GC 20rds
Availability: In Stock
Buffalo Bore is introducing these three different heavy, yet standard pressure loadings for .38 Special. These offerings are loaded at standard pressure, but they are much more powerful than normal .38 Special ammo. These loads will not harm older more fragile revolvers. So, these loads are safe for use in ANY .38 Special revolvers, provided it is in normal working condition. As stated above, the "Power" level of these loads is really closer to a typical +P power level, but the pressure is standard. We are able to develop these powerful standard pressure loads with modern non-canister powders. Again, these loads recoil far less than their +P .38 Special ammunition. All of these loads are flash suppressed, so firing them in the dark won't blind you.

Velocity at muzzle: 800 fps
Velocity at 25 yards: 778 fps
Velocity at 50 yards: 757 fps
Energy at muzzle: 224 ft/lbs
Energy at 25 yards: 212 ft/lbs
Energy at 50 yards: 201 ft/lbs
Uses: Hunting, Self-Defense

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